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Reefer - Natural Cork Sneakers

R 1,199.00

Sustainable Cork Shoes:

Cork is one of the world’s strongest natural fibers and can be used in many different forms. We harvest the bark of the cork tree, with no damage to the tree, the bark regrows and can be harvested every 8 years. A truly sustainable process. We then convert the bark into a material that we use to produce high quality cork sneakers.

Benefits of cork sneakers:



Water Resistant



Super soft

Locally Made

We wanted to develop a sneaker that is edgy, unisex, locally produced and importantly, more sustainable than what’s currently in market. We believe our cork sneakers tick these boxes, without compromising on quality.

Sizing guidelines

Please choose one size down from your usual UK size. E.g. if you usually wear a size 6, we suggest ordering a size 5.